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Child Daycare Provider

Child Daycare - Mama  with child

In my Child Day care, like At Home

Vika's Garden Child Daycare is a homebased Child Daycare toysbusiness, located in Sunset of San Francisco. Its downstairs in my house, and its two rooms combined. My child day care is equipped with all the latest toys and games, like puppets, books, building blocks, board games and twenty five different cars for the childern to ride on, with padded comfortable floor. My child day care has a backyard addition, just in care if your child wants to play outside or for those hot days.


Me & My Child Day Care Services

My Child Daycare is my passion, and it is Child Daycare bookssomething that I love, but before I opened my business, I was a preschool teacher at the SFJCC. I worked for SFJCC for nine years, and those nine years helped me build my foundation for child development, and teaching . Taking care of kids is tough, but since I'm always engertic, fun, and have a smile on my face makes it easier for me to bring the services to the childern, with postive results.

Child Daycare Safty

The Daycare Safety is very imporantChild Daycare certificate , and thats whay I'm licensed in California with First aid and CPR. Also I have three helpers that are well trained in child development, and are licensed with First Aid and CPR as well. My daycare is also equipped with First Aid kits off and on the site. Your children are safe in my child daycare center.

Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness with best childcare for your kids.
Your baby, infant or toddler will have my best babysitter experience, as one of my own family, so you can take your mind off worries and enjoy or day.

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